Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kicking it in Luang Prabang

After our successful slow boat journey, we settled into Luang Prabang in a flash.  There is such a great vibe here and we now understand why so many travelers love this place.  It’s probably a combination of the historical beauty and the relaxed atmosphere that made us feel right at home.

We met up with some friends at Utopia, which was our favorite spot during our stay in LPQ and decided to head out to see the Kuang Si Falls. This popular hangout is located roughly 37 km’s from LPQ and takes about 1 hour to get there. This is not to be missed if you come to LPQ.

D also took some time to stretch the body & center the mind and joined a Yoga practice that was being hosed by Julie from Luang Prabang Yoga at Utopia.  A little rain, a little sunshine, butterflies and real nature sounds made for the perfect practice.  This is probably the best yoga site in the world. 


Corey W. said...

I loved Kuang Si Falls! I was there on Christmas Day of this past year. And yup, I did the rope swing!

There's snakes in there?!?! I did not know this then. So glad I didn't know!

Shahan Fancy Kitchen Designs - Your Kitchen Aficionado said...

It is a magical place. Glad you were brave enough to try the rope swing! Thankfully we only saw te snake up at the top and not in the swiming area :)